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Intelligent Robots

Guangzhou Daily Press Printer Paper Feeding System

Publish Date:2012-04-20

This project contract Printer Paper Feeding System was signed in February, 2008, by MTD and Guangzhou Daily Press. MTD is committed to design, manufacture, install and adjust to develop printer paper feeding system with the way of turnkey. The entire system applies 5 MTD laser guided rear fork high vehicles, ZCDJ-1-24/240, 4 Germany HOPPECKE Company D400G 24.0/125 B-FRFT intelligent charging machines, and 1 AGV ground monitoring and management system, which applies DANAHER MOTION Company latest NDC8 controlling system, AGV car load is 1.4 tons and maximum lifting height is 5.2 meters. This project was accepted by users in December, 2008.


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