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Petroleum Pipeline

Product Introduction
Petroleum and gas pipeline detection machine traction unit is the integration of mechanical, electrical and fluid of high-tech products. With a smaller installation power and operating stroke, it achieves high-speed, heavy-load, high-power traction and continuous speed control functions. Its design is novel with originality and advanced characteristics. It is mainly used for a variety of specifications pipeline detector type test. The detector is traction and motion control, and real-time detection of the technical parameters of velocity and travel to complete the automatic test data acquisition, display storage and report output, which can meet manual and automatic multiple testing needs of working conditions. This unit has complete operational status of real-time monitoring, operation parameter setting and modifying, security protection, chain protection, fault diagnosis and alarm function. There is no domestic precedent.

Key Technological Index of Production Line
Installed power: 60 kW
Operation distance: 100 m
Operation speed: 0.2--8.0 m/s (continuous and adjustable)
Rated tractive effect: 100kN
Hydraulic system rated pressure: 31.5Mpa
Hydraulic system maximum flow: 2800L/min
Equipment operation site stand: 130x16x4 m

Competitive Advantage with Similar Products
There is no similar product domestic and abroad that can reach the above technological index.
This traction unit has solved the urgent and difficult problem of National West Gas to East Project “High Definition and Intelligent Pipeline Detector Development” and achieved the desired objectives. In the field of high-speed, heavy-load, high-power transmission and control, it is with originality and advance and reaches the international advanced level through integrating innovative. It accumulates experience for homegrown special traction and fills the domestic blank.
This achievement has avoided dependence on foreign special laboratory equipment to develop domestic large-diameter pipe detector, which has saved funds for expensive import special equipment and development. It has also greatly reduced product development cycle of the domestic pipe detector, ensured the construction process of non-standard laboratory equipment, and realized the advance nature of high-tech equipment and technology performance. Its direct economic benefit is of more than 15,000,000 Yuan.
This product belongs to the field of common technology and heavy machinery, which suits for petroleum and gas, automotive, mining and defense industries with high-speed, heavy load and high-power traction test equipment.

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