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Environmental Control System

The company has long been engaged in design, production, installation and adjustment of automatic control system of sewage treatment projects. Its “energy saving intelligent adjustable control” technology is applied in the production process of sewage treatment, in the control of blower and medicine delivery system, in the control of sludge age and sludge return system, in the carbon resource, dissolved oxygen, internal-external reflux ratio, anaerobic/ anoxic/ aerobic volume, “five factors” controlling technology to optimize sludge age, which has realized to standardize stably and synchronized of TN and TP.

Ultrasonic sludge concentration meter, level gauge, level difference meter, dissolved oxygen meter, chlorine detector, oxidation reduction potential tester, thermometer and PH meter produced by the company are achievement of national key scientific and technological plan, National “Ten-Five Year” Plan program and “863” Plan Promotion Project. All of them have obtained the patents and certificates of national key new product. 

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