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Steel Coil Transporter

Product Introduction
Steel coil transporter is used to convey steel rolls between different working positions in the system of metallurgy steel coil packaging. Its transportation distance can be short and long as well. Since it is convenient in processing displacement, it is widely used in the system of steel coil transportation.
Steel coil transporter is consisted of frame, walking mechanism, lifting mechanism, hydraulic system, and towline and so on. Four wheels walk on the track powered by ac motor and walking distance is measured by encoder. Straddle’s lifting is powered by hydraulic cylinder, directed by guiding axle and lifting distance is measured by encoder. The surface of straddles is coated with polyurethanes rubber so as to connect steel rolls. According to route demands, two tracks can transport crossover. Based on different ways to connect or drop rolls, transporter straddles can be designed as V type and C type. It can be also designed E type to transport multiple steels rolls in multiple-roll transportation.
Technical Specifications
Range of loading capacity: 10, 15, 20, 28.6 tons
Number of bearing coils: 1
Outer diameter of steel coil: Φ1000~1900mm
Width of steel coil: 900~2080mm
Horizontal moving distance: 30m
Walking speed: 0.2~1.2m/s  






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