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Full Automatic Binding Machine

Product Introduction
It is suitable for circumferential or ocular direction binding tasks of tube, bar, line, roll and plate material surface. Steel or plastic strapping can be used and it owns the function of automatic threading. With imported or domestic packing head, it has the characteristic of high efficiency, low cost and elegant and steady package, which can be widely applied in metallurgy, colored, light and other industries.
Processing Index
Operation objects: steel rolls
Outer diameter: non-standard design
Width: non-standard design
Numbers of binding strapping: circumferential direction 1''4, coil eye 4/6
Way of conveying materials: stepping beam/chain transportation line (Conveying direction is axial-vertical with steel rolls.)
Way of placement: saddle
Offset to relative working position center: ≤50mm
Operation period: It will complete binding a steel roll at circumferential direction in about 40 seconds (1 binding strapping) and at coil eye in about 80 seconds (4 binding strapping).
Tensioning force: ≈20KN
Advantages bringing to you:
To protect steel rolls by binding package
Full automatic: automatically hold down end plate and corner bead, automatically set binding position, automatically threading and automatically binding
The direction of steel rolls conveying is axial-vertical with steel rolls and stepping beam/chain transportation lines can be applied.
It can be applied in on-line steel roll binding.
Fast design changing can reduce the downtime brought by parts changing to the utmost. 


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