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Hydraulic Press Machine

Product Introduction
Full-automatic hydraulic steel pipe testing machine line is a brand new product developed in recent years, which is mainly applied to test high pressure hydraulic of gasoline and natural gas steel pipes, casing pipes and special steel seamless pipes.
Hydraulic testing machine line is a technology intensive product integrated by electromechanical and air-hydraulic. It can operate automatic transmission, alignment length measure, inner wall washing, location clamping, hydraulic test, goaf water and pipeline diameter detection of tested steel pipes. Its functions include auto-collection, storage and data achieving of test data; inquiry, derivation, graphic display of history data; and print output of report forms; which will meet the demands of manual and automatic multi-operating mode testing.
This line is a full-automatic line of three-working-position on-line measurement, which can complete sorting automatically unqualified steel pipelines, with or without coupling, with or without threaded oil at the end of pipe, casing pipe washing and pressure testing, pipeline diameter detection or goaf water. The line can on-line test pressure of oil, casing pipe, boiler tube, fluid transporting pie, line pipe and other steel pipes produced on API standard.
Key Technological Index of Production Line
 ·outer diameter of steel pipe: Φ60.3~Φ273.1 mm
 ·length of steel pipe: 6.0~12.5 m
 ·testing pressure: 6.5~110 MPa (continuous and adjustable) 
 ·pressure-holding time: 5~300 S (arbitrary and optional)
 ·maximum axial load test: 5000KN
 ·steady pressure accuracy: ±2.5%
 ·production capacity:(pressure-holding 5S):max 70 pipes per hour
 ·pressure test sample period: 50 ms
 ·installed power: 900 kW
 ·equipment operation site sand:30*8*7 m
Competitive Advantage with Similar Products
This line has many advantages, such as high testing hydraulic, fast operation period, wide product coverage, convenient operation, perfect on-line function and etc.. It also owns such functions as to real-time monitor the state of the line operation, set and revise operation index, protect the safety and alarm the fault diagnosis. Meanwhile, this line has a friendly and clear graphic human-machine interface, menu operation, good real-time information processing and strong anti-interference ability. Its special humanized operation model, like “working position parking”, “empty parking” and so on, can reduce the complexity of equipment operating and improve the safety of equipment using.
This hydraulic testing machine line is mainly consisted of stepping conveyor, length-measurement irrigating machine, holding equipment, bearing girder and head-tail device, goaf water device, path machine, hydraulic drive pressure control system, pneumatic system, lubrication system, electric control system, computer-aided test system, TV monitoring system, safety hood and lifting crane. Based on learning domestic and abroad advanced hydraulic testing technology, the company combined many-year experience from Japan Yamamoto Hydraulic Company (our cooperation partner) of hydraulic testing machine design, debugging and usage. From the production practice from Baogang Group Seamless Steel Tube Plant, the stability and reliability of this product is proved and this product is at the leading level in China.


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