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Rewinding Line

Product Introduction
Rewinding line is an important part of modern strip steel producing. It is spread by an uncoiler, then is sent to a cropping shear and is cut off both ends that do not meet the requirement. The head of the strip is sent to a welding machine to be weld with the tail of last strip, and then its shape will be improved by2- bending-2-straightening machine and cut by a disc shear. Next it will be sent to strip steel examination station to have surface checked. Later, the strip steel will receive oil treatment on an electrostatic oiler and be coiled by a coiler. When the rewind coil meets the defined value, it will be coiled separately by a dividing shear.
Key Technological Index of Production Line
  ·processing speed: 400m/min
  ·strip steel thickness: 0.25-3mm
  ·strip steel width: 1850mm
  ·annual output: 350,000 tons
Way of product providing
Turn-key Project: including design, producing, installation, debugging and training


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