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Packaging Line

Packaging Line
The modern coil packaging line is an important means to improve production efficiency and product appearance quality of cold-rolling (hot-rolling) and non-ferrous metal coil materials, at the same time it is also an important protection for reliable storage and transportation. The company owns many special technology and patents about coil packaging, from coil logistics to semi-automatic and full-automatic coil (plate) packaging. According to customer’s demands, the company can provide complete equipment of logistics at different automatic level and packaging line. Production capacity of steel coil packaging line can reach 24 rolls per hour, and annual output is 500,000 to 1,000,000 tons.
Suitable Projects
  ·Cold-rolling plate project program
  ·Cold-rolling automobile sheet and high grade household appliance sheet project program
  ·Silicon steel strip project program
  ·Stainless steel strip project program
  ·Coating and plating strip project program
  ·Cold-rolling vanadium and titanium project program
  ·Aluminum coil project program
  ·Copper coil project program
Coil materials that can be packed include:
  ordinary cold-hard coiling, pickled strip coiling, continuous unwinding coiling, zinc plating coiling, tin plating coiling, silicon steel coiling, stainless steel coiling, aluminum coiling, copper coiling and so on.
Processing parameter
  ·inner diameter of steel coiling: Φ610/Φ508 mm
  ·outer diameter of steel coiling: Φ800~Φ2000mm
  ·strip steel thickness: 0.15~6mm
  ·steel coiling weight: 3~25 tons
  ·steel coiling width: 700~2250mm
  ·packaging period: 10~24 rolls per hour
  ·annual packaging output: 300,000~1,000,000 tons per year
Way of product providing
      Turn-key Project: including design, producing, installation, debugging and training


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