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Sludge Treatment Equipment

The company drafted Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant Optimum Feasible Technical Guide For Sludge Treatment (Chapter 4&7, Sludge Compost) and compiled the first industry standard for sludge treatment specialty equipment--- Chain Pile-Turning Machine, Cylinder Pile-Turning Machine, and Sludge Compost Pile-Turning Fermentation. MTD, with 50 years industry experience, is willing to provide overall service for domestic and aboard customers on sludge treatment technical consulting, project contracting, non-standard specialty equipment producing and etc.. Sludge treatment products mainly include chain pile-turning machine, centrifugal pile-turning machine, mixer, distributing machine, specialty granulator, multi-screw conveyor, storehouse transferring machine and so on, which have many applications in the industries of municipal administration, paper making, pharmaceutical producing, dyeing and printing, leather making, brewing process, chemical engineering, coal producing and etc.


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